The Camden Cycle Riders will develop a Memorial Park in honor of our twelve fallen soldiers from Oneida County.  The park will be constructed in the Village of Camden.
Freedom Park is for our soldiers, it is for you and it is for the families of these heroes.
The memorial stone in this park will have the names of these brave soldiers who died in combat engraved along with their home towns. In addition any soldier from Oneida County who should in the future lose his life for us will be honored by his name being added to our memorial. We pray that will not be the case, but we are prepared to always preserve the memory of those brave men and women who fight for us.

Our park will be named "Freedom Park", how could we name it anything else?

These young men gave their lives to protect our freedom and the lives of those who didn’t have a voice. Freedom Park is our way to thank them and to honor them and it is our way of keeping their memory alive for future generations to pay respect to.

They Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Freedom Park Fund

2682 Waldron Road
Camden, NY 13316

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All proceeds will go towards the
construction of Freedom Park.

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